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Many thanks and my favourite photos of 2013!

Out with the old and in with the new, right? Not always the best advice.  I’m a firm believer in paying close attention to what has passed to make sure nothing is missed.  Especially with my photography.  There is value in seeing where strengths and weaknesses lie and recognizing them as such.  Staying true to… Read more »

B&M Married! ~ Ancaster Mill Wedding

I hold such a fondness in my heart for my clients.  I think cosmically we are destined to work together and the universe sends me people who will best benefit from what I offer and vise-versa.  Hokey?  Hogwash?  …*lol   Maybe, but I don’t think so….I never seem to attract any Bridezillas!  Explain that one. They’re… Read more »

Favourite Bridal Portrait of 2012 | Ancaster Mill Wedding

Amy & Brad were one of those couples I instantly bonded with.   They live in Vancouver so our first meeting was a Skype call between Amy and I, while she walked the dog. *lol    The conversation flowed easily, she had lots of great questions and we reviewed the Wedding plans and timeline with a… Read more »

Ancaster Mill Wedding Photography ~ Beth & Jesse…

As much as I enjoy every couple couple I work with…I have a real soft spot for Beth & Jesse.  So down-to-earth, fun and relaxed…and their Wedding was so gorgeous!  I’ve been shooting a lot at the Ancaster Mill in the last couple of years and absolutely love the place.  As I’ve written in other… Read more »

Deanne + Mike ~ Ancaster Mill Wedding

This was such a gorgeous Wedding!  I met up with Deanne and her family at the Osler House in Dundas for some photos before heading to a lovely wooded area the couple had found to do some family photos before the ceremony.  The area they found was beautifully coloured with fall leaves…yellows, oranges, red and… Read more »