B&M Married! ~ Ancaster Mill Wedding

I hold such a fondness in my heart for my clients.  I think cosmically we are destined to work together and the universe sends me people who will best benefit from what I offer and vise-versa.  Hokey?  Hogwash?  …*lol   Maybe, but I don’t think so….I never seem to attract any Bridezillas!  Explain that one.

They’re all such diverse people with interesting backgrounds and great stories.  Wonderful personalities and funny quirks and a Wedding is a funny thing.  It can bring out the worst in people or at least show you “who” they can be *lol.

I enjoy my couples for all different reasons and am quite vocal about it when I write my blogs.  My faithful readers might say, “Oh right…you say you LOVE everybody!”.   I do, I know …and this couple is no exception.  If anything, I feel like I’ve known them for 10 years and all of their friends and family.  I felt like one of them at the Wedding.   You know, cousin Sherry.  Sister Lois’ daughter on her Dad’s side.   *lol

I have never seen a Bride and Groom more relaxed and SO happy.  They both looked incredible and they exuded joy and were laughing almost every single moment of the day…. DESPITE the threat of rain and almost running through the recessional to avoid getting soaked and having to sign the paperwork with everyone all crammed under the covered bridge.  Both still smiling, laughing and having a great time.

I love these two. There, I said it.


…and did I mention the flowers?  Forget Me Not Flowers in Oakville did a spectacular display of spring flowers in pinks and light mauves.  Stunning!  It really was such a gorgeous Wedding with incredible friends and family and as I’ve said before, you just can’t go wrong with the Ancaster Mill.  Fantastic service and attention to detail….no they don’t pay me to say that. 😉    Stellar meal and beautiful surroundings.  I can never say enough about them!


I’m so happy for you B&M!

Enjoy the quick preview and I hope the honeymoon was awesome.


















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