Graduation Portraits

Part way through a phone conversation with my friend’s daughter the other day, I hear a slight crack in her voice and then silence.

She’s 18 going on 25. Yep – you know her. Smart and sassy, almost never complains about anything.

I start to wonder if the line was dropped but then she’s back, tearfully describing her sadness around what it’s like to know she won’t be going back to high school and that she never had the chance to say goodbye.


My heart sank when I imagined myself in the same situation. The only thing I could think of to try to help her think of something else was to do what I do best.

A photo shoot.

I told her that I wanted her to plan out what she wanted to wear – 2 outfits and we’d go to a beautiful location and do a photo session with her and one of her bff’s that she’d still been in contact with.

Excitement ensued. It didn’t fix the problem but it definitely has given her something to look forward to. A bit of a celebratory gift for all the hard work she’s done.

She’s inspired me to offer more sessions like this to Grads this year. So here it is.

Sessions open tomorrow Friday June 12th for me with safe distancing measures in place and I have her all booked in!

If you know one of these girls or have her in your home, think about this.
Create a bit of excitement.

Be the hero.

She’ll remember the experience forever, instead of the circumstances that were beyond her control in the spring of 2020.

Click here to book your spot.

Much gratitude xo

Grad 2020 photos ad


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