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Are you wondering if I’m the right Boudoir photographer for you?

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I’m going to be completely honest with you because I respect your time and hopefully you respect mine as well.  It’s so important that you hire the best Boudoir photographer for your needs.  I’m not the right photographer for everyone.   So, let’s work out if we’re going to be a good fit for each other…. Read more »

Being YOU in your Boudoir Photography session…

One of my main philosophies for Boudoir is to be true to the person you are.  Your personality and passions without being kitschy.  I have so many women telling me they really want to do a Boudoir Photography session but don’t love lingerie.  That’s totally cool.  You can still shoot a full session without lingerie…. Read more »

Brantford Boudoir Sessions!!

This is such an incredible opportunity to be able to show women their beauty, inside and out.  I don’t care HOW gorgeous you are, unfortunately every woman suffers from some kind of insecurity about something.  Lately, I’ve been hearing it all.  My nose is too big, my thighs aren’t slim, I have freckles, my tummy… Read more »