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The Soul of a Portrait | Brantford Boudoir Photographer

It’s hard to argue the saying “The eyes are the window to the soul”,  it’s what gives life to a photograph. Even after years of photographing all kinds of things, my absolute favourite images are those that make me feel something….and it often comes with eye-to-eye contact. It’s also what I love so much about… Read more »

Ms.M and a bit of her sexy session…

First and foremost I want to thank this beauty for allowing me permission to share and celebrate her gorgeousness on my site.  Not all boudoir photographers are the same and some won’t allow you the option of saying “No” to usage rights so make sure you check that out and are clear about the agreement… Read more »

Boudoir Bonanza with Keepsake Photography!!

I had one of the most incredible photography experiences of my career this past Sunday.  I’ve been working really hard to organize a weekend Boudoir Session with as many models as possible shooting in a hotel room for most of the day and some of the evening.  My passion for this type of photography started… Read more »