Not still using stock images?

The importance of visual elements in your Branding strategy is more important now than ever to attract the right clients.  Professional images with a cohesive look will make you look polished, professional and trustworthy. Visual branding will also give your audience a taste of who you are and what you’re all about.

Effective visual branding will set you apart from your competition and let’s face it, in today’s market, a visual approach will get you noticed much faster.

My approach to Branding sessions is to visually cover –

WHO you are.

WHAT you do.

HOW you do it.

HOW you’re different.

The most effective schedule for photography is on a monthly basis.

Twelve sessions per year that keep you up to date and current with your business’ visual message, new team members, new products and showing your company’s growth.  All images are commercially released for you to use on your website, marketing print material and all social media.

What’s it worth to have more of your ideal clients wanting to hire you because you’re posting clear, intentional, professional visual branding content?

What dollar value do you place on an experience that creates positive changes in how you see yourself, forever?


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