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The Soul of a Portrait | Brantford Boudoir Photographer

It’s hard to argue the saying “The eyes are the window to the soul”,  it’s what gives life to a photograph. Even after years of photographing all kinds of things, my absolute favourite images are those that make me feel something….and it often comes with eye-to-eye contact. It’s also what I love so much about… Read more »

My top tips on how to prepare for your super sexy Boudoir Photography session

Ok, so you’re booked with me for your Boudoir session and your totally pumped!  Me too. Don’t worry, I have your back. 🙂 Each client that books with me automatically gets a phone consultation a few weeks before their Boudoir shoot so we can chat about what to expect, what to bring and most importantly…… Read more »

Couples Boudoir Photography | Sexy and flirty…

Boudoir is something I absolutely love to photograph.  It’s so much more than images. It’s women of all shapes, sizes and ages wanting to capture sensuality and confidence in images they’ll have forever.  As many times as I’m told it’s for their partner, the truth is the session ends up being for them.  Something happens… Read more »

Contemporary Portrait & Boudoir Photography Studio!

Experimenting with new genres is SUCH an exciting thing for me!  I have been photographing Weddings for 15 years and feel so in-tune with light…  and weather and the balancing act of making it all come together beautifully but haven’t had the same experience in a studio space. For the last few years I’ve felt… Read more »