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K+C | Kitchener Engagement

One gorgeous fall day, the last warm day of the season was the BEST day for Engagement photos, no doubt.  Full and rich fall colours… the leaves crunching under our feet, sun in our eyes.  There’s nothing better than expression through creativity and having this outlet be the job I do every day is an… Read more »

Dorothy and Tom, Brantford Ontario Wedding

What can I say about Dorothy & Tom.  They’re just a great couple 🙂 It’s always so nice to work with a couple that gives themselves permission to “play”.  By that I mean that during photos, they really didn’t seem to make the photo-taking, the main focus.  Instead they really focused on each other and… Read more »

SO many bugs!!

I know I’ve said it before but I really love shooting at Apps Mill, just outside Brantford.  It has so many different looks… very versatile for something like an Engagement session…. unless you need to go SOMETIME LATE IN JUNE!  My last two photo trips there were SO bug infested it was UNBEARABLE!!!!!!  OK, I… Read more »

Trent, Bryse and Michelle…

Frogs and dirt… skinned knees, climbing ANYTHING and boundless energy!  Trent and Bryse had never-ending ideas for picture locations.  Here…. there, down there or ‘how about over the bridge next to the tree-stump beside the river over here?’  🙂  Great fun!   ….and yes they found a frog. It was just fun hanging out with… Read more »