Who wouldn't want to wear their Wedding dress again, right!?

I’ve been photographing Weddings for quite a while now, I’m all too familiar with how things can get derailed during the pre-ceremony photography session with the bride. 

And, by derailed I mean running out of time.  Even the best laid plans can get off track with late bridesmaids, make-up that takes longer than expected or any kind of surprise that throws your timeline into a tailspin. 

It happens…. and so there’s not enough time for those beautiful bridal portraits you were hoping for.  None of those magazine-style silhouetted images and stunning close-ups….no glamorous photos of your gorgeous dress when your hair and make-up is still flawless and you haven’t started sweating yet.

Even when there IS time, often the bride is so nervous and excited that her concentration isn’t on portraits…lol, it’s on the aisle walk, seeing HIM for the first time and trying to figure our where the rings went! 🙂

With this in mind, me and my amazing hair and make-up styling guru Sarah, Dolce Divas decided to give newly married women a chance to wear their dresses again and get all dolled up for a beautiful Bridal fashion photography session.

The other part of this was that was SO appealing to me was that we were going to photograph REAL women. Not models. 

There’s nothing wrong with models at all but we’re just as beautiful and graceful, just as captivating AND just as photogenic.  Models definitely have their place in the photography world but I’m proud to say that all the women throughout my website are non-models.  REAL women.

We had a great response and heard first-hand from the ladies who wanted to shoot that they just didn’t have enough time for photos of them on the big day and when they saw our ad, they knew they wanted to book!

Who wouldn’t want to wear their Wedding dress again, right?? lol   Here’s just a few of our favourites.




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