What to bring for YOUR Boudoir Photo session |Brantford Boudoir Photographer

I LOVE this girl!

Fun, adventurous and gorgeous.  Her guy was going out of town for a while and she really wanted him to leave with some super sexy photos of her…just so he could have a memento while he was gone. 🙂

We had an amazing session with lots of great outfits.  What I loved so much was her ability to let go and not overthink the process.  That’s a huge part of each and every session.  Feeling sensual and exuding that feeling in front of the camera.  Letting your inhibitions go and allowing pleasure, desire, sexiness and confidence to permeate every cell of your body.

Remember that I’m here for you.  Your biggest fan and cheerleader through the entire session, coaching you for authentic moments that will make your partner go WOW!

  • If you’re thinking about booking but you’re not quite there yet… here’s my list to help you with what to bring.
  • *Shoes –  stilettos, high boots, leather, sexy, strappy, open toe
  • *Bras and coordinating panty sets, lacy, solid, opaque, sheer and plain black panties, thong, full vintage-style.  (If you prefer to have a little more stability in the chest area feel free to bring push-up bras to match your other choices).
    *Lingerie of various styles, fabrics and cuts (corset, teddy, baby-doll, lacy sheer tops or lace body suit)
  • *Varied clothing items – booty shorts, swimsuit cover-up, tank tops, cut-offs, faded jeans, jean or leather jacket, a dress you love. Anything you feel really sexy in!*Slip and or satin robe, something silky and satiny*Sport jersey or dress shirt & tie belonging to your hubby

    *Stay-up hose and garters

    *Bridal veil and engagement ring if you’re doing a bridal session

  • Here’s some shots of Ms. K’s session!


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