Top 5 things you MUST do to find the perfect photographer |Best Wedding Photography

This is worth your time.

It’s worth the investment and without a doubt will be the one thing you’ll be so happy you didn’t scrimp on.

I talk to couples all the time and the one’s who are already married, more often than not, tell me that they wish they had spent just a little more time in the research phase when looking for their Wedding Photographer or they wish they had invested more in someone with more experience instead of thinking about price alone. I hear…”we just needed to book someone ’cause we waited too long” or “my friend recommended him so I thought it would be fine”… “we didn’t want to pay that much for photos”.

You might think you have the same taste in photography as your friend but the truth is it’s not just about you liking the photos. Until you meet with the photographer, ask questions and talk about YOUR vision for the day…you really won’t know whether you’re gonna jive with them or not. You don’t want to spend eight hours with someone that annoyed the hell out of you the whole day….lol.

The horror stories are endless… photographers leaving the wedding reception early, cancelling a month before the wedding, not delivering images for months after the wedding, not retouching any of the photos, the photos being low resolution and on and on. This makes me sad. What you put in, is what you get out.

When it comes to price, remember that your investing not only in memories for you and your partner but also in memories for future generations to remember you. Your kids and grandkids and their kids. The photographs are the only thing that you have to remember the day by 10 years later.

1. Take the time to do the research.

Look at their website. Make sure you see enough work to know that their not just a beginner. Make sure you see sample images that you love and make sure they’re high quality. Choose from a few different photographers and try to figure out why you like their work before going to the Pricing section. Make some notes on each.

2. Make an appointment to meet more then one photographer.

This is crucial. I’d be very suspect of a wedding photographer that didn’t insist on having a face-to-face meeting. Go prepared with a list of questions not just about the services provided but the style of photography that is their strong suit. Ask about a timeline and when the finished package will be ready. Assess personality just as much as you assess portfolio! This person will be spending most of the day with you, unlike any of your other vendors. So liking them even a little, is important.

Gather all of the information and compare each before making a decision.

3. Don’t decide solely on price.

You get what you pay for. Remember that in most cases an experienced photographer is going to charge more than an less experienced person. How do you put a price on experience?

For example, I’ve been shooting for many years and have gone through so many hiccups at weddings that I have a go-to list of solutions when they happen. Is it worth a bit of extra money to ensure you’re working with a calm organized professional that can advise you what to do during a situation at your wedding? I think so!

4. Read reviews.

Be sure to check out any social media pages they might have for their business. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter etc. Make sure the posts are fairly recent and read any reviews posted. Social media can be a good way to get a sense of a photographer’s personality and brand style.

5. Make sure the photographer you hire offers a Contract.

I can’t stress this enough….protect yourself.

The Contract describes all services provided by the professional to you for a fee. It’s in place to protect both parties and should be explained in detail during the consultation meeting. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about anything you’re unsure about. The Contract ensures the photographer is booked for your date and will deliver services and products described as per the agreement.

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