The Soul of a Portrait | Brantford Boudoir Photographer

It’s hard to argue the saying “The eyes are the window to the soul”,  it’s what gives life to a photograph. Even after years of photographing all kinds of things, my absolute favourite images are those that make me feel something….and it often comes with eye-to-eye contact.

It’s also what I love so much about being a Boudoir Photographer.  Coaching and working closely with my clients to get them to feel so comfortable that they and their partners feel the real them when they look at the images.  Authenticity, truth and emotion.


At first glance, we don’t see something for what it is. Hiring a professional Boudoir photographer as certainly an example of this. We want someone who is professional, unique, caring and good at what they do… and sometimes this comes with a higher than expected price tag. Sometimes this can deter people, simply because they assume it is too expensive. If you don’t know yet, let me be the first to tell you a Boudoir photographer does a lot more than just taking beautiful pictures of you . They take the time and effort to arrange a consultations,  How to Prepare prep material, timelines, email correspondence, the actual hours of photographing your session, going through 400+ photographs and choosing the best 30. Editing each picture and then finally the in-person Reveal.
That’s only some of the work that actually goes into it! All this work comes with days and days of preparation and work to edit and finish. Some Boudoir photographers will shoot your session, load those photos onto a disk and send you on your way. This type of service would be less expensive, however nothing would be edited, cropped or retouched. Versus an experienced professional Boudoir photographer like Sherry Smith who edits, touches up and crops each photo you are receiving. 
People have budgets, we all do, but we really have to think about quality when it comes to a purchase such as a Boudoir photographer. We have to trust and enjoy the work and professionalism of the photographer!
Sometimes the bargain deal can sadly turn out to be the wrong choice.
Written Haley Ruttan – Assistant 🙂


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