RAIN on my Wedding Day?!

The day is finally here and all the months of planning are about to be revealed.  The dress, shoes, venue, guests, ceremony, vows….all of it.  The visions you’ve had since you were a little girl of your incredible Wedding Day will come to fruition, right?  Then, you get a horrifying weather report that says it’s going to be wet and rainy ALL DAY!

What?  That’s impossible!  With all your attention to detail in the last YEAR of planning, rain was NOT part of it….

What do you do. 🙁

You can’t let it ruin your day!  The hardest part is letting go of what you thought the day would look like to make room for a new vision of the day.  This is where your professional photographer can help.   If you can’t go outside for pictures, you can always find little corners in either the reception venue or the church for photos.  A nearby hotel might be an option or a neighbour with a barn, maybe umbrellas will work!  Regardless, the Wedding day photos are about love, real moments and capturing the story of the day as it unfolds.   The images are about the bride and groom and the people there to support them in their journey.  Those moments don’t change if it’s raining.

Advice? …make sure you’re prepared!  Don’t forgo the expense of a tent for your outdoor summer Wedding just because you’re “sure” the weather will be nice.  You need to have all of your bases covered.  Try to be open to what the day brings you.  If you have a fixed vision in your head with no room for change then you can be setting yourself up for disappointment!  Remember, the day isn’t only about all of the amazing details you’ve planned and your wonderful guests.  It’s about the beginning of your marriage.   Photos of the day will be beautiful no matter what the weather brings, when the true emotion and connection of the day is revealed.

This beautiful Kleinburg Wedding last month was spattered with rain all day!  We managed to dodge the raindrops for some of it and umbrellas worked for a bit of it.  The ceremony was supposed to be outdoors in a lovely garden at the venue but at the last minute, a tent had to be put up.  The photos are still beautiful.  They tell the story of how the day unfolded, rain and all.

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