Best boudoir photos

First and foremost I want to thank this beauty for allowing me permission to share and celebrate her gorgeousness on my site.  Not all boudoir photographers are the same and some won’t allow you the option of saying “No” to usage rights so make sure you check that out and are clear about the agreement before you book.  I offer four options from usage of “any and all” all the way to “none at any time”.  I think it’s important for people…couples and women to have the option to say no and to know their wishes will be respected.

I LOVED working with this amazing woman.  Not only is she gorgeous but she’s such a sweetheart!  We had a blast during the session.

Something I’m seeing more of is the guys wanting to join in on some of the photo session too lately which is so amazing to see.  The last few years I’ve shot some Couples Boudoir Sessions which is super sexy and very different from photographing women on their own.  It’s amazing to have the guys involved and seems to be an upcoming trend for sure.  Almost all of my sessions the last couple of months have wanted to have the partners involved.  Not through the entire shoot but definitely for the last bit of the session AND also for the Reveal Sessions.  It’s great to hear what the men have to say about what photos they like best and why.  Often, what’s sexy, sultry and most appealing tot hem isn’t always the same as for the women.

It’s a fun conversation..believe me! lol.

So for Ms. M…though her guy didn’t want to be in the photos, he joined us in the studio for some of the session to lend his support.


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