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I LOVE photographing women.

…I think because we’re always so hard on ourselves and are generally so uptight about having photos taken.  So, when I see that glisten in the eye during a reveal session; the surprise that they actually like how they they look, it drives my passion even more!

Over my career in photography, I’ve heard from literally hundreds of women about how they H A T E getting photos taken. Real estate agents, brides, moms, grandmothers, business women and more.

You know… they’re still using a picture from 10 years ago that somebody snapped on the fly after they had a couple of beers and it’s the only shot they’ve ever liked of themselves.

Don’t get me wrong and think I’m not one of them!  Because I AM!

I was that kid who’s mother was a practising photographer who did my hair and picked out clothes for me for our 4 hour practise shoot.  Lol!  She had to shoot for so long because she didn’t know it yet.   She was experimenting and I hated it!  “Just lemme go get a grilled cheese for heavens sake!”

I’m not 10 anymore.  I’m 53.  And after all this time I’ve figured out the formula.

The secret…

the special sauce.

It’s to help your subject be comfortable and KNOW how to pose her!  I’ve spent the last 25+ years learning how to do this and am still learning new techniques every day.

And you know what?  I’m SO grateful to my mom who showed me that you keep practising to get it right.  And to never stop trying to get better.

Here’s some amazing ladies that trusted me to do what I do best and were thrilled with the outcome.

Thanks for reading!


Beautiful Portraits of Women



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