Boudoir Photography is sexy, intimate and empowering – Brantford Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir photography is a sexy, intimate experience that many women find empowering and exciting! The photographs are a classy and tasteful image of your true beauty! This experience may seem embarrassing and even possibly scary, but this is about you and all your beauty! Once the camera starts clicking, the concerns will fade, and excitement and love will flourish! As women, we are often exposed to a high standard of beauty, what’s expected of us and what is deemed lacking or unacceptable.

I feel we all can align with those feelings of not looking the “certain way” that we are “supposed to”. Well who made these unrealistic standards and placed so much value on physical appearance? For boudoir forget all these preconceived ideas of what is sexy and what isn’t. Come as you are, your true self, no need for weight loss specifically for the photo shoot, be comfortable in your skin! Embrace features you deem as flaws! I think this is such a valuable and life changing experience for women who may not feel sexy, because seeing the final photos we realize our beauty is undeniable! Boudoir photography allows an outlet for women to reclaim their beauty that society has stolen from them, boost and regain confidence and feel a little self-love that we often forget to include in our daily life. Living for the moment and a positive attitude will impact your pictures in a way you will connect with. This moment turns into beautiful sexy photos but also an important self-love reminder that we all can refer to when we just aren’t feeling ourselves! Boudoir makes for an exciting and intimate gift for your significant other, or simply a mindful gift for yourself. This empowering experience reminds us that we aren’t just wives, mothers etc., we are most importantly ourselves and we have so much to love about our bodies regardless what we are conditioned to think.   ~ Studio Assistant, Haley Ruttan


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