Born August 5th, 1920…

My grandmother turns 90 years old on Thursday.  NINETY!!!   I just got back from a great visit with her and my grandfather (79) in Nova Scotia where they moved back to many years ago.  They’re still able to take their trailer and enjoy a number of country/bluegrass music festivals through the province in the summer, which is where I joined them for five days.  I remember so many wonderful things about the time I spent with them growing up and it seems SO crazy that she’s ninety.   She can’t be ninety…?    Ninety is OLD!!!!  FRAIL!   Not her.  She grabbed me for a hug and I swear was going to break my neck.  Strong as a bull : )  Pretty amazing considering she’s had cancer three times, a hip AND a knee replacement.

Of all the great things I remember, I think my favourite thing about her is her crazy sense of humour and ‘sassy’ personality.  She always enjoyed a good dirty joke and still does, no prudish behaviour there ;-}   Her mind is still sharp as a tack which was proven OVER and OVER again by my sad losses at cribbage.  “Nothing better than a crown royal and ginger ale and a good card game!” she says.  She watches every baseball game televised.  She knows all the scores, names of players, who’s winning and losing… all of it.  The Blue Jays are her all time favourites of course and she used to go to their spring-training matches in Florida every year.

So… we played some cards, drank a few drinks, had a few laughs and watched some baseball.  We even played bingo. *lol!

She is without a doubt, one of my favourite people on the planet.  I love her to death and feel so lucky to still be able to spend time with her at this stage of both of our lives.  I know she won’t be around forever but I know so much of her will live on in me.   I now know how much like her I really am… ‘sass’ and all!

love you grandma… happy birthday xo

One of the many I lost!

oooozzzing personality in this one!!!

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