{Engagement Photos}

Engagement sessions are important for more reasons than just great photos of you and your partner.  I encourage an Engagement session with every Wedding as a way to get to know each other a little better.  It can be a daunting task to offer couples photographs of their wonderful Wedding day and to get all of the small details and nuances right when you don’t know them. It’s cool to spend a little more time with you hanging out and taking some fun, casual photos.  Plus…it’s a great time to break the ice as I try to gain a little insight into your likes and dislikes before the Wedding day.

Here’s my Top Tips for Keeping your Wedding on time!

I sit and chat with couples all the time about their Weddings and listen intently about what they’re most excited about! This is definitely the fun part but most of the time, neither party has been married before and they don’t really know how long things can take and sometimes know even less about putting a realistic timeline together.

This is definitely an important component for the day and not just for the photography portion.  Here’s where I can really help!

Consider this… your Photographer, in most cases is the one person that’s with you for the longest time that day and should be able to offer valuable tips on how to stay on time.  Here are a few of mine.

  1. 1.  You should get your Hair and Make-up done first… It makes sense that you want to be freshest but if or when things get delayed, there’s no time for portraits of the most important person… you.

2.  The Bridesmaids should be dressed and ready to help you get ready.

3.  Try your best to keep the “getting ready” space tidy and clutter-free for photos.

4.  Choose a point person who can deal with vendors while you’re enjoying the day!

5.  Make a list of the specific Family photos by name and let them know ahead of time  where and when.

  1. For me, having a list of names is a huge timesaver.

6.  Plan for rain. If you do, it won’t. Lol…

7.  Allow some time to greet your friends and family… or make an announcement that you’ll be doing it later.