Wedding Album Love – don’t leave all those memories on a USB

With the constant presence of phones and other tech devices bombarding our lives, our Wedding day is one of the few days we get to be present in the moment. However, we still want something more than our memories to remember our Wedding –  something to show others, share with our children and our children’s children.

A professional Wedding photographer provides us a beautiful documentation of our Wedding day.   On our Wedding day, we want all the loved ones invited to share this beautiful day of love with us, not snap chat. A Wedding photographer gives us more than just beautiful photographs of our Wedding day, they allow all of us to be in the moment and be able to remember these priceless moments for generations to come by means of a Wedding Album. With the tech world constantly updating and changing, it can be difficult to keep digital photos on the newest platform. My mom thankfully had a Wedding album, without this I would not have been able to see my mom’s Wedding day as the VCR is no longer. Wedding albums, however, are timeless. Wedding albums allow the married couple the ability to look back on their Wedding whenever they please.

Imagine this, you are home alone, your partner is away, maybe you had a disagreement, maybe they didn’t put the laundry away. As you sit on the couch, you see your beautiful professional Wedding Album and you forget the disagreement and you could care less about the laundry because you are instantly reminded how much love is between the two of you and the day you celebrated this connection. Without the physical Wedding album, you would have had to search for the USB and fire up the computer. A Wedding album is so much more than a collection of beautiful Wedding photography, it’s a representation of the true meaning of a Wedding, a meaningful, loving bond between two people and an heirloom for generations to come.

Written by Haley Ruttan – Assistant

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