Snowy Engagement session with Pancho and Hannah!

Happy Winter all!  … or not  🙂

It has been a while since my last blog and I’ve appreciated the down-time.  Well… not so much down-time.   I’ve been super busy with Wedding bookings  for the 2011 season.  I also try to spend time researching new things in the industry.  New tools of the trade, equipment, Storybook offerings etc…  updating, renewing and refreshing.  PLUS shooting again!  We can’t forget that.

This  adorable couple, Pancho and Hannah, came to see me last fall to book their February Wedding with me and last Saturday we did their Engagement session.  I wondered a bit about the weather and hoped that it wasn’t going to get too bad because I had to travel a bit.  It was absolutely perfect!  Big, floaty snowflakes and not too cold.  They were real troopers to tromp in the deep-ish snow for me, Hannah in bare legs and Pancho with only shoes on!   It was all good until he blew a shoe *lol.   I think he was just numb after that but we had fun.   I couldn’t get over how calm and relaxed they were.  Makes for GREAT shots!

… can’t wait for the Wedding.

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