Free Engagement session with packages…

What a gorgeous weekend!  Beautiful weather…though it really wasn’t the “winter wonderland” some of my clients and I have been waiting for ALL winter!  Not like I really mind, I’m not a fan of the cold.  So, after delaying and delaying and postponing and postponing waiting for a massive blizzard that never came, this weekend was the choice for two of my summer Wedding couples.  When the choice is to come to Brantford, there are a few spots I love to go.  Apps Mill Conservation Area is one.  There are many different structures there, bridges, rustic wooden fences, an old barn, beautiful trees with walking paths and  the Grand River runs through the middle of it.  Very pretty!

Engagement sessions are included in my Packages and will be from now on.  I realized that to have that trial run photo session before the Wedding was a huge benefit not only to my clients as they come to know what to expect from me and get to know me a little better during the session but to me as well, seeing their chemistry together and how they are in from of the camera, having a bit of time to give tips and pointers.  Also to have some FUN together!

Both sessions were fantastic and really set some nerves at ease by the time we were finished.  I even heard…”That wasn’t nearly as disastrous as I thought it would be.”     … thanks John, that’s a huge compliment!

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