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Ok, so you’re in the thick of planning your Wedding and all is going amazingly well. 

Date picked…check,   Venue booked…check,    Dress ordered…check.

All the BIG stuff is in place.  Now it’s time to make some decisions and everyone has an opinion about what you should do.  What song to dance to, cake or cupcakes, steak or chicken, paid or cash bar, how many guests, hair up or down, what accent colour, size of floral arrangements, in or outdoor ceremony, where to honeymoon….

Omg right?  Makes me dizzy thinking about it…lol.

The bad news is that I can’t help you with all those decisions but I can give you my honest advice and opinion about all things photography. Timeline, locations and whether a First Look is a good idea.

My first thought is that if you’ve dreamed all your life of your groom seeing you for the first time on your Wedding Day walking down the aisle then maybe it’s not an idea you’ll be open to but if you’re willing to throw caution to the wind and shake things up then this is a GREAT idea.

Imagine… you’ve both been with your respective entourages and now you’re going to have a private meeting at a pre-decided location just the two of you (and me, your wedding photographer to candidly capture the special moments :)).  He turns around when you’re ready and he sees you as you walk slowly toward him.  What an incredible moment! 

Here’s why I love this idea….

  1. 1. Whatever nervousness you’re feeling tends to diminish once you’ve seen each other instead of the nerves building and getting worse once you have to step out in front of a huge crowd of people.

2.  All of the Bride and Groom photos can be done right afterward, leaving you free to join your guests for cocktails or a receiving line when they all come back to the venue.

3. It’s one of the only private moments you’ll get during the entire day.  I find that couples appreciate having an hour or so of alone-time before all the excitement starts.

Thanks for reading! xo

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