Contemporary Portrait & Boudoir Photography Studio!

Experimenting with new genres is SUCH an exciting thing for me!  I have been photographing Weddings for 15 years and feel so in-tune with light…  and weather and the balancing act of making it all come together beautifully but haven’t had the same experience in a studio space.

For the last few years I’ve felt an incredible desire to photograph under more controlled circumstances.  To direct clients with beautiful posing, thought-out chosen beautiful wardrobe selections and professional hair and make-up.  My strength on a Wedding day has always been candid, documentary-style shooting but in the studio it’s more controlled…. ~s l o w e r~  . . . planned.  I’ve visualized this studio space in my mind but just wasn’t seeing the right space.  FINALLY, as it always does, the perfect spot became available and I took it right away  🙂

I’ve been photographing in this new space since November and have fallen completely IN LOVE with portraiture! Boudoir, Contemporary Glamour, Maternity … ALL of it.   What has become so apparent to me with the clients I have had the privilege to work with since November, is that it’s MORE than the images.  There’s a common ground when a woman steps into my studio.  An unspoken bond , a sisterhood without the bloodline.  I see her, know what she’s thinking…  feeling… insecure about and what she’s expecting from her experience with my studio/me.

She wants to feel validated, beautiful and whole and the fact is that we’re all the same whether we realize it or not.  Vulnerable, emotional, doubtful, loving, tolerant, indestructible, resilient… and *powerful* beyond measure.  That’s why I am the perfect photographer for this genre.  It’s what I AM …exactly.  And who can give any woman what she’s looking for, more than someone exactly like her.

Here are a few collages that show my gorgeous natural light studio space.  A space I love to be in, to create in and to do business in.  This is something I am so proud of and excited to share with my clients.



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