{Boudoir Sessions}

Hi Beautiful. 

The first thing I want to chat about is how TOTALLY normal it is for you to feel nervous! 

In fact, I’m happy when I hear a client tell me she is nervous. The more nervous the better.
Why? Because if you have a case of the nerves, that means you are doing something that
is outside of your comfort zone and we all know that great things happen when we step
outside of our comfort zones.
This is where you grow and discover things about yourself that you may not have been
aware of before.
If you are nervous before your Boudoir photo shoot, embrace those nerves – I promise they
won’t last long.
In my 10+ years of photographing women, I’ve heard every reason why you think you can’t
have your own boudoir session. 

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This is going to change the way you see yourself!

Sherry xo