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by Amber Reavley on Sherry Smith Photography
Fantastic Experience!

Working with Sherry Smith was a truly beautiful and empowering experience for me. I had done a lot of research online before deciding on her, and I am so glad I did! There is something really special about Sherry...not only is she incredible at her job, but she exudes so much positivity and warmth, and somehow you can just tell that she is a stellar human being underneath it all. It's always a pleasure to work with people like that. She made me feel entirely comfortable and was able to guide me so effortlessly to reflect her vision. She was prepared, she had a well thought out plan for each outfit, and she met her deadlines. Like most women, I am my own worst critic, but I LOVED my photos... I feel that she really caught the most beautiful version of me (the professional hair and make up, as well as a stunning studio probably helped a little! ;)) and I am so grateful that a glimpse of me was captured and saved in a moment of time that I can always look back on. I was so inspired by Sherry's work that I actually enrolled into a photography course myself! Thank you Sherry Smith, I am forever changed.

Amber, I'm tearing up reading this right now!! I can't thank you enough for sharing such a lovely, heartfelt review. I'm honoured to have been the one you trusted to take these gorgeous portraits of you at this time in your life. You're a true beauty inside and out. xo

Amazing and worth it!

A friend of mine did this for her husband-to-be and I thought that it would be a great 10 year anniversary present for my husband, however this was so far out of my wheelhouse I was on and off the fence. When I first met with Sherry she made me comfortable and I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. I was still super nervous right up to the day of the shoot but Sherry knew exactly what she was doing and how to get me to relax. It was a super day and I am so happy with my decision to have Sherry do the photos for me. I never would have thought I would do anything like this but I am glad I did and I would recommend that everyone do it, and go to Sherry she is the best. Thanks again Sherry it was an amazing experience and I am glad I went through it with you.

Thanks so much Jody 🙂 Your images were amazing...I had a great canvas to work with! xo

Sherry is amazing!!

In spite of being very nervous and never have done anything like this at all, Sherry made me feel so comfortable! She is accommodating and professional and sweet and made the experience fun! She knows how to make you feel comfortable and look your best. If you are thinking about a boudoir experience I would highly recommend Sherry!

Best dress up day ever!

Hey Sherry, I just wanted to thank you again for such a great shoot. What I love about your work is that you capture the individual in your photos. When I look through your work I don't see repeats - I see beautiful women all expressing who they are! Which is exactly what you did for me! That was my goal, to be able to look at the photos at the end and see myself uncritically, as beautiful, sexy and most importantly as myself. When I saw my proofs I was thrilled!!! The blue-eyed woman looking back at me was me - the best versions of me - the artist, the romantic, the pin-up and the girl in the leather jacket and tall boots. You captured the smile I have when I am really smiling, and the vulnerability that I have that I feel is one of my greatest strengths. This one I did for me. And I couldn't be happier with it! I'll be back 🙂

Laura....you couldn't have said anything more meaningful!! That is such a HUGE compliment. You are a beautiful and amazing woman! It was my pleasure to get to hangout and have so much fun with you that day. I can't wait for our next collaboration!!

by Heather Russell on Sherry Smith Photography
Amazing ....

Sherry, I cannot thank you enough for the incredible experience through every aspect of the boudoir session. As soon as I walked into your beautiful studio and met you and Sarah, I knew that it would be a day I would never forget. Your warmth, humour and genuineness made it one of the most enjoyable experiences, and your talent is clearly evident in the resulting photographs. I had said to you in the initial telephone consultation that while I wanted the photographs to be a special surprise for my partner, the one thing that I personally wanted to gain from the experience was to see and feel like the sexy woman that he sees ... the session itself was entirely for me; while the photos were for him. Those few hours of the shoot far exceeded my expectations - I felt like a sexy goddess (or is that a sexy amazon warrior?) and you captured that perfectly. Chris loved the photos - they took his breath away. He's talking about maybe a couple's boudoir session ... Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!If you're reading this and considering booking a session - do it - do it now - don't wait another moment. It will be one of the most fun, fabulous and empowering experiences of your life.

OMG Heather, I'm so happy to hear he loved it!! I had no doubts at all. You ARE a sexy, amazon warrior and don't ever forget it. It was a pleasure getting to know you! I look forward to seeing you & Chris soon!! xx

An Incredible Experience

I spent a lot of time searching for the right photographer for my Boudoir photo shoot and have to say that Sherry more than met all of my expectations. From my first correspondence with her, I knew that I had made the right choice. Sherry is an extremely talented and creative professional, as well as a fun, warm, friendly and genuine individual. Her in house makeup artist Sarah did a fabulous job and her naturally lit studio provided the perfect backdrop and setting for my photos. Sherry made me feel extremely comfortable during my shoot and the results were stunning. If you have ever considered doing a Boudoir shoot go for it and let Sherry make you feel like a goddess!

Thank you so much Connie! You ARE a goddess...amazing working with you. xx

Sherry smith photography

I can't rave enough about how amazing sherry is. She is so professional and just an overall great human being. I did a lot of research before finally calling sherry and as soon as we spoke on the phone I knew this was the women who was going to do my boudoir shoot. She made me feel so comfortable to talk to on the phone that I knew I would feel just as comfortable with her in person at her studio. She is very professional and does amazing work. This was so out of my comfort zone and if it weren't for sherry making me feel so good I wouldn't have been able to do something like this. I also told sherry that I wanted the book before I went on vacation and she told me that she will make a note of that to the company she sends the photos off to and that they are normally pretty good at getting it all done quickly and within two weeks I had my book a week earlier then expected couldn't be happier. The presentation of the book and how it's all wrapped was also so gorgeous. Sherry really takes her time with you and makes sure you get everything you want. Thanks again sherry it was a blast!!!

An exciting and comfortable experience

I did a fair amount of research before choosing my boudoir photographer and after doing my shoot and receiving my photos I feel that I made the perfect choice. Sherry is professional, friendly, comforting, ready and happy to answer any questions, and has an eye for amazing shots. I was very pleased with the experience and how the photos turned out. Definitely worth the cost of the services provided. Thank you Sherry for making this an unforgettable experience!

I was looking around and had contacted a couple of different photographers regarding a boudoir photoshoot. Sherry was the last one I called and I knew after the first phone call that she would be doing my photoshoot. Her friendly personality and outstanding professionalism out did every one else. From the first meeting to the end of the the photoshoot Sherry was the perfect combination of friendly/outgoing and professional. Not only did she do an amazing job making me feel comfortable but most importantly she made me feel more beautiful than I have ever felt. I had such a good day being the star of the show. I think every woman deserves a day with Sherry. The final photos left me breathless. I was unable to narrow it down to my favourites and purchased them all! My journey with Sherry is one I will never forget.

You were amazing to work with Carlie. Thank you for the privilege!

by Michelle Burroughs on Sherry Smith Photography

Let me tell you.. When I first decided to do boudoir photos, I immediately got nervous and was like, "omg, what am I thinking?!" From the very first conversion with Sherry, she instantly made me feel comfortable, she asked me the reason I decided to get the boudoir photos and it was then I realized I was getting them done as much for myself as I was for my boyfriend for a present!The first time I met Sherry for my photo shoot I felt even more comfortable and confident, she made me feel beautiful and sexy, she has a way of capturing a person's beauty and essence in a photo! Once I saw her again at my reveal session, she felt like someone I'd known for a long time. When I saw my pictures, I was truly blown away! I couldn't believe the girl in those photos was actually me! Thank you Sherry, for everything! Thank you for making me feel beautiful and showing me how sexy I can actually be! I look forward to working with you again in the future because I had so much fun at my photo shoot.. I will definitely be doing it again!

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008“Hi Sherry.  It’s been exactly one year since my Boudoir Photography session with you.  Turns out life is full of surprises.  Before I even gave the book to my husband, I found out I was expecting our second child.  Our sweet boy who is now three months old!  As a tenth anniversary gift, the photo book was perfect.  My husband knew I had a surprise for him and when he opened it up at first his face registered surprise and delight but then he teared up and said, “I can’t believe you did this for me!”  SO worth it.  …and not just for him.  The whole experience was everything others’ reviews promised, and more!  I thought I would feel so nervous and shy but thanks to your demeanor, it wasn’t intimidating at all and instead I felt confident and beautiful.  That day, all that pampering and your incredible talent gave me a glimpse of myself I hadn’t seen before.  Now looking at those pictures, I still feel the same way (even just having had a baby when so many days go by that I don’t have any time for myself).  So better late than never, THANK YOU!  We both love the pictures, thank you so much !”

0024“Hi Sherry.  I’ve been meaning to email you about his reaction and it was awesome!! There wasn’t anyone around to get a picture, but I received a text message from him that looked like a novel. He was in shock that it was me and couldn’t believe I did that for him!! I can’t thank you enough, for making the best gift for my husband and making the experience so comfortable and full of laughs.  Can’t wait to try it out again.  Thanks for everything. Best wedding gift ever!!.”

“I recently worked with Sherry to create a Boudoir Book to give to my new husband as a wedding present.  If I could relive the experience, I would.  The day of the shoot was amazing.  Sherry has an amazing eye, is a great coach, and walked me through each pose.  She made me feel 008completely comfortable and made the day extremely fun and relaxed.  When I got my edited images I couldn’t help but share with few of my bridesmaids first and they couldn’t believe it was even me in the photographs.  Even more important was the look on my husband’s face as he described how much the book meant to him and how it was the best present he has every received.  My only complaint?  I think I set the bar too high – my husband has already requested that this be an annual present for him! Thanks again Sherry for helping me create such a meaningful gift!  Thanks again for all your help!  Maybe this will have to become an annual thing. ”

Brantford-Boudoir-Photography-Kitchener-Affordable-Wedding-Photography-Ontario-7-300x200“I purchased the “Ultimate Sizzle” Boudoir package as a Mothers day gift for my Wife Alex, & I can honestly say it more than lived up to it’s name. First off, Sherry is one of those people that you instantly connect with, within minutes of us meeting her for the pre shoot discussion, we were chatting like we’d known each other for years. Any anxiety Alex had was gone by the end of the meeting. We received access to the proofs via a private password protected web page a couple of weeks after the shoot, the photos were tasteful, erotic & spectacular beyond anything we had imagined. Choosing the pictures for the album was really difficult, we wanted them all! So guys, if you want a unique gift for your Wife or significant other that is guaranteed to boost her self confidence & bring you even closer together, give Sherry a call & book a session. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. We loved the pictures so much we are planning to book a couples Boudoir session in the near future. Sherry & Sherry Smith Photography rock!!!”

00141-300x200“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed yesterday. I was looking forward to it for so long and I was so psyched. I can’t believe that it’s over already; it’s like the big let down after Christmas!  It was an awesome experience and a lot of fun. I loved everything about it – your choice of snacks (especially the champagne and oj!) and music, and the girlie magazines and your photo books to look at while we were waiting. Everything was very well thought out and well organized (including the consultation).  I felt very comfortable with you. You’re a very warm and genuine person – feel like I’ve known you forever actually. I still can’t believe that we went to high school together – crazy.  Thanks again. I will definitely spread the word and tell everyone how wonderful you are!”

0002 Brantford Boudoir Photography Kitchener Affordable Wedding Photography Ontario“I thought it may be awkward, but Sherry made me feel very at ease and were very respectful of my comfort level.  Lots of FUN!” “LOVED IT!  Very comfortable. Wonderful direction and comments to make me feel like the sexiest person on the planet!”

“I was very comfortable during the entire session.  I had lots of fun; I wasn’t sure how I would feel!  Great on advice and how you wanted me positioned. You were professional without being a stuffed shirt!!  I would recommend you to anyone.”

0007 Brantford Boudoir Photography Kitchener Affordable Wedding Photography Ontario-2“I’m so very excited to  see  ME. Our day last Wednesday will go  down  in the  books for my life.  I  fully  experienced  how  it can be  amazing to be a woman.  I have you  to  thank for that.”

Wedding_Photos__Engagement_and_Boudoir_Photography_Brantford__Boudoir_Photographer__1_of_7_-199x300“I’ve got some good news and bad news… good news, I LOVE so many of the pics, bad news…. I can’t narrow it down!!  ?   I would also like to thank you again… These are more than beautiful photographs, I am so proud to be me, proud that I could do this, and proud to tell people about it! Going through our infertility struggles made me feel like less of a woman, broken, and ashamed. And because my husband is the last male in his family I was extra hard on myself. But now I feel good, and proud again. So thank you from the bottom of my heart, for capturing this moment in my life.”

Brantford Boudoir Photography Kitchener Affordable Wedding Photography Ontario-10“Really neat experience!  Sherry was very kind and welcoming! Her team did a fantastic job of making the whole experience comfortable.  Music was great!  Lots of fun….great work!”

“They are gorgeous! I just love them. You were so speedy getting them ready.  I had a great time and felt super ‘gawjus’ the whole day.”

“I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!! I honestly have never felt more beautiful in my whole life! Thank you soooooo much! I had such a wonderful time.  I will think about it and get back to you re: which ones I want. What a hard decision this will be.  Again, thank you so much!”

“AAAAHHHH!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!! I can’t chooooose! LOL~ I may have to get the hubby to decide!  Thank You so much Sherry!”

“OMG!!!!!!! Sherry… they’re beautiful!  They look great.  You’re a true artist… I WANT MORE *lol!”