{Boudoir Photography FAQ}

Who is the typical Boudoir client?

Any woman at all but I find the group who most appreciates it are the women who are over 30 and are looking for a part of themselves that they’ve been missing for a while for whatever reason. The busy Mom with three kids, the soon to be Bride who wants to give her hubby a special Wedding gift, the woman celebrating a special birthday and wants to book a day for herself to be pampered, the woman who has just overcome a major life challenge (divorce, weight loss/gain or cancer) and wants to give herself the gift of reclaiming her power!  The reasons are endless for why ANY woman deserves to experience a super sexy Boudoir Photography session.

Is the Hair and Make-up styling a necessity?

I encourage clients to indulge themselves with my incredible styling team.  They know how to properly apply your make-up, false eyelashes and create the perfect dramatic, smokey eye.  It really is part of the pampering experience!  You can sit back, relax and enjoy.  This might be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you.  You deserve this and deserve to have the whole treatment!  Even though I don’t feel that a lot of make-up is necessary, it’s how the pampering makes you feel when you’re done that’s most important.

I am interested in booking a session but feel I need to diet first.  Should I?

NO!!  The idea and vision is to show women how beautiful and sexy they are, inside & out.  We all need a little more acceptance of ourselves and embrace what and who we are.  That said…it’s my job to make you look your absolute best.  Posing direction and wardrobe choice is very important.  You will be posed, coached, stylized and photographed all in one.  FYI…there are no models in any portfolio images on this website. 

Are you going to be able to Photoshop out lumps and bumps?  I don’t want to look fat.

There is some professional retouching done on the images before your Reveal Session.  That said, I can’t make your ears smaller, boobs bigger or legs thinner.  I really feel it’s the wrong message not only for us but for our girls and young women growing up.  It needs to stop.  I’ve done extensive training on how to pose women of all shapes and sizes to ensure they look amazing in their images.  Every body is different and with proper lighting, wardrobe and correct posing for your body type, I can guarantee you an incredible final product you will be proud of.  The REAL you!

I feel very nervous, can I bring a friend with me for support?

You can…but I don’t recommend it.  This is an extremely intimate and personal photo shoot and even though it might be fun to have your friend there, I feel as if the reward would be better understood and appreciated if you were on your own.  If you were set on having someone with you, I wouldn’t say no and have had some great photo shoots with a friend present.

How do I prepare for my session?  What do I bring?

With every Boudoir Session booking is a pre-shoot consultation call.  You will be e-mailed some prep material that outlines what to wear, what to bring, how to prepare and what to expect so your Boudoir session is the best it can be!   The call is informative and covers everything about your session and timeline for the day so you’re well prepared and get a chance to ask some questions.  It takes about 30 minutes.

I have no lingerie at all or sexy under garments…. I don’t even wear lingerie ever.  Can I still book a session?

Some women just don’t wear or feel comfortable in lingerie.  No problem!  There are many ways to look sexy in things you ARE comfortable in.  Maybe you’re a camo tank top and boy-short underwear kind-of-gal’ or nice bra and faded, comfy blue jeans or silky PJ’s….sheer blouse, bathing suit cover-up…etc.   You can wear whatever feels best and most comfortable for you!  If you do want to wear lingerie but don’t have much to bring, you really should treat yourself to a couple of pretty pieces that you feel sexy in.  A good bra and matching panties will go a long way.  Contemporary Glamour is also an option.  Bring in a beautiful dress or gown, or just a favourite outfit and have gorgeous portraits taken!  E-mail or call for more details.


I don’t know how to pose and am not very photogenic.  Can you make me look good?  

This is why it’s important to book an experienced Professional Photographer to do your sessions; Wedding, Boudoir, Family Portrait session, anything.    Don’t be ruled by price.  A bargain isn’t such a bargain when you’re not happy with the outcome.  An experienced professional is going to have the tools and expertise to make you look your absolute best and know who to shoot it to flatter your body type.  They are also going to professionally retouch your images so they are the best they can be.  You get what you pay for.

The best thing you can do is relax and enjoy yourself, let me do the work.  Trust is a huge component of good results and is also why I offer a pre-session consultation once you book.  We discuss the shoot to iron out any concerns or questions you might have, so on the day you’re relaxed and ready to go!!


What if I need to reschedule my session?

A $100 rescheduling fee applies if you cancel in less than 7 days from your session date.  If you cancel in more than 7 days from your session date, the date may be changed without penalty.


Is there an age limit?

Sherry Smith Photography’s Policy is that you must be at least 21 years of age to book a Boudoir Photography session.The average age of my clients as of 2020 is 40. 🙂


Are the photos going to be on your website?

Your privacy is of the utmost importance and if you don’t want any of your images used publicly, they won’t be.  All of this information is covered in the Contract and Model Release forms you are required to sign with your privacy preferences.  If you’re someone who is open to having your images viewed publicly on Sherry Smith Photography media outlets, there are options for this also.  Rest assured your personal information is never revealed.  My #1 priority is that your privacy choices with respect to your images are respected.


How do I book and pay for my session?  Do I need to give a deposit?

You can call 519-771-1725 or e-mail [email protected]  to book or ask any questions at all.  I welcome your phone call.  If you’re nervous, unsure or just want to talk about the process, please call and I’ll walk you through what to expect.

There is a $250 deposit required, payable immediately before confirmation of your shoot date can be given. The balance of the Package fee is due on the day of the Reveal session, once you’ve made your choices about what products you can’t live without.  Accepted methods of payment include Bank E-transfer or cash.