Being YOU in your Boudoir Photography session…

One of my main philosophies for Boudoir is to be true to the person you are.  Your personality and passions without being kitschy.  I have so many women telling me they really want to do a Boudoir Photography session but don’t love lingerie.  That’s totally cool.  You can still shoot a full session without lingerie. Here are some examples – jean cut-offs, tank tops, lacy shirts, jeans, flannel shirts, pyjamas, even naked wrapped up in a sheet could almost be an entire session.  You want to look back on your gorgeous photos and see the real you, not a woman you’re pretending to be because you think you have to wear lingerie.  I’ve had women bring guns, fire fighting gear, police hats, musical instruments, chaps, cowboy boots, hats, parkas, leather jackets….the list goes on.  The key when shooting your props is to make them look sexy and like they’re an extension of you but not in a cheesy way.

The other very important factor here is showing your personality.  So many women think they need to mimic a pouty, duckface….lol.  NOT the case.  We want to show YOU.  We want to photograph YOU.  We want you to look like YOU.  If you’re a fun, playful person, then let’s be fun and playfully sexy.  If you’re more mysterious and sensual than let’s show that.

The truth is that if it’s a gift for your significant other…he or she knows you.  They know from looking at the photographs how comfortable and confident you are.  They can see it in the eyes.  So, my main goal when working with any woman is to make her feel comfortable – to be her biggest cheerleader and to show her as her most confident and beautiful self. 

This beauty is an artist and during our consultation call I mentioned something about bringing paint.  She loved the idea so we came up with a few at the end that really spoke to her.  Here’s what she said about her session…

Hey Sherry, I just wanted to thank you again for such a great shoot. What I love about your work is that you capture the individual in your photos. When I look through your work I don’t see repeats – I see beautiful women all expressing who they are! Which is exactly what you did for me! That was my goal, to be able to look at the photos at the end and see myself uncritically, as beautiful, sexy and most importantly as myself. When I saw my proofs I was thrilled!!! The blue-eyed woman looking back at me was me – the best versions of me – the artist, the romantic, the pin-up and the girl in the leather jacket and tall boots. You captured the smile I have when I am really smiling, and the vulnerability that I have that I feel is one of my greatest strengths. This one I did for me. And I couldn’t be happier with it! I’ll be back !!!

That’s why I LOVE my work 🙂

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