Before the Wedding….photography.

In my humble opinion, the “pre-wedding” photography is soooo important.  All these beautiful details like rings and shoes, dresses, flowers – the mood before the ceremony.  Think about it this way…image you’re 80 years old and looking back on your photos.  Don’t you want to remember what all of the pretty stuff looked like? 

Wouldn’t you want to see a toast with your bridesmaids or remember the portrait that was taken with your Mom before you got married.  It’s common for every couple to have a budget they want to stay within but remember that the photographs are the only things that are left years later.  It’s worth spending the extra money to include a couple of hours of photography before the Wedding ceremony.  I like to include Bridal portraits at this time as well.  It could be the only time you have to get a few shots of you by yourself, while your hair and make-up is fresh.

I have my own tips for preparing for the pre-wedding shoot, many of which are repeated in this great article from


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