andrew and angela…

What a glorious day!  November 14th, 2009 should go down in the books as the most beautiful on record for weather and the most fun a photographer can have with a Wedding party!

That said… there were TWENTY of them!!!! *lol

How does one wrangle that many, you ask?  I always wonder the same thing when faced with such a large group… but thankfully they were very cooperative and listened intently.  All of which I’m sure was to get back on the AMAZING “party-bus-limosine” Angela and Andrew had rented for the day.  This thing was incredible, I’ve never seen anything like it.  30 people, food, drink, great music, large flatscreen TV.  What else could you want?

When I first met with Angela and Andrew, he kept saying, “Yeah we’ll get pictures done FAST and then get back on the bus.  I want time to enjoy it!”  I couldn’t imagine what could be SO great about a bus until I saw it yesterday.

Pictures at Edgar’s Barn in Brantford was the ideal backdrop for this couple.  Old barn board, ice rink, rustic stone walls.  Thanks to Marsha and John for their help to prep the property for us.  Then back on THE BUS and off to the cocktail reception at Blessed Sacrament Hall in Burford where the Martini Bar was in full swing!  A violin and accordion duo were serenading the masses as people visited and found their tables, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Wedding Party.

Congratulations Angela and Andrew, yesterday was a perfect day for my last of the season.  Thanks for your trust!

Angela and Andrew for blog-1 Angela and Andrew for blog-2 Angela and Andrew for blog-3 Angela and Andrew for blog-4 Angela and Andrew for blog-5 Angela and Andrew for blog-6 Angela and Andrew for blog-7 Angela and Andrew for blog-8 Angela and Andrew for blog-9
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